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Cliff Note Version:

  • Add your radio show to Renegade Radio’s line up. Got a radio show but need a dependable station? Talk to us. FYI – we are *not* a hosting or service provider – we’re a radio station. Details below on what that means.
  • Add a player to your site! Add a Renegade Radio player to your blogging/music site. In return we’ll feature your stories on our site as well and/or add your best local representation to our lineup and make the music available for other shows use when appropriate. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your player size requirements and we’ll figure it out.
  • Write for RenegadeRadio.Net – if you don’t to maintain your own blog you’re welcome to write for RenegadeRadio.Net. We are open to adjusting our blogging categories as necessary to include your location and bands and help promote you as well.

We don’t want your $$$. Again, we’re not a hosting provider, service company, or out to sell you a damn thing. If you’re interested, you’re a part of this madhouse of fun and we’ll figure it out. If not, thanks anyway and good luck to you – reach out if we can help just the same. That’s what we do – help.

Now, iceberg rambles with more details, background information,
and just what we’re doing these days at Renegade.

For much of 2016 we’ve been quietly, and sometimes maybe a bit slowly, revamping things from the ground up. In some ways, things are just as confusing as ever. In others, well let’s just face it – it’s confusing as ever out there. What can we stream? What can we podcast? What can we allow to download? Where is the next lawsuit coming from? Why is Spotify raking in the revenue and still losing money? (other than a >$160k average salary, gee – lets analyze this)

Through all these changes, ups and downs one thing hasn’t changed – we’ve been here. We pioneered so many things and didn’t even know it. WAY back in the day everyone was podcasting and we said screw it, we’re gonna stream. And stream we did. We sponsored live shows and events and even helped launched Faktion on their roadrunner tour, created videos for local bands and in short, we’ve always supported music.

Bar none.

But things are changing and people are coming and going all over the web. We went from being one of the first to broadcast a live stream at a venue (say curtain club in dallas) to Curtain Club now having a dedicated setup because you can’t swing a dead cat in a phone booth without hitting another internet radio station.

But those have come and gone because the fascination and fun can wear off and it does in fact become work. In many ways to do this you’re paying as much as some bands to support a site, BMI fees (yes we are fully BMI compliant and pay our dues to play this game), support a virtual server w/centova on it and have live as well as recorded shows 24x7. Our website itself could use more content and as I look around, I do see a lot of people out there doing well and maybe, not wanting to run a site just to be a part of the game.

Enter RenegadeRadio.Net

We are looking for shows and bloggers. We are looking to combine forces and work with other “been here for a while” sites and leverage each other’s experiences and strengths to continue to pull people into a common cause and work together to get through arguably the most jacked up times this industry has ever faced. Rest assured after being here for more than 16 years, we’re going nowhere but how far we can take it could depend on you.

And you. And you over there! You too!!!!

We are looking for people/bloggers and “super fans” in all major cities to help us support YOUR local scene. You can do a show playing your choice of music for an hour or two and/or blog about music related topics. The goal is to being people to a single site, or at least a family of sites, where we can help each other and “network” amongst ourselves as well to find new music and news that’s out there.

Adding Radio Shows

We’re adding shows and looking to start late July or first of August and after. We still have some scheduling issues to correct before we add more to our already ongoing shows and will have that done by end of June. Our server is running the latest Centova software and we have more than enough bandwidth to handle most shows out there. If you draw into the thousands then lets talk first but hell, let’s certainly talk! We have our own server setup and are not relying on any 3rd party service out there for anything except our hosting needs. Spotify, soundcloud, Pandora and the rest can come and go (aka live365 – years ago I refused to go there and told many don’t do it – but they didn’t listen so I must be paying attention to know what NOT to tie myself to, right?) but we will still be here.

We are in fact signed with BMI and provide yearly payments to be legal. There isn’t much of anything we can’t cover for you and your show but I will say now – NO SYNDICATION. If you’re on 80 sites great. But you do us no good so please continue on. Syndication was great when New York couldn’t listen to Seattle but those days are over and audiences can listen anywhere anytime – so being on 80 sites is only great for the shows ego but doesn’t do a thing for the sites usually so not interested. Yes we have a few and they will stay as long as they wish – but we’re not adding anymore.

What is in this for you – Radio Show?

A site ready to roll. What will YOU need?

  1. Encoder software. We’ve used SAM and can help but you’ll need your own setup to hook up to your shoutcast stream. (we have 1 and 2 so prepare for either please)
  2. Music. Part of what’s in it for us is music. More of it and bands we’ve not heard before we can’t wait to hear. Get it to us as well as play it on your show and we’ll get it in our stream where appropriate. (24x7 stream more a common combination of all shows)
  3. Content. Doesn’t have to all be music. Talk shows are welcome also from all views. While iceberg does write some political ramblings on the main site, it’s not our focus and frankly most people go to music to get away from the bullshit but let us know what’s on your mind and we can at least always talk.
  4. Recorded or Live? Live shows can be more interactive but require time and place set. Your call.
  5. No drama. We just don’t have time for it. Keep it in the show and all is good, however.

What’s in it for you – Bloggers?

  1. If you are not “legal” to play music, you can’t. Well, you can but if you get busted, it will hurt, promise. We’ve been BMI legal for most of our existence and pay a yearly fee so if you love to write about music, write about it here with us OR – work with us from YOUR site and provide us music you love and we’ll include it on our site.
  2. You can do a radio show as well – up to you.
  3. Counter Promotion all around. Your town, your music, our mission.
  4. Topics up to you. We range from music, comic books, video games, sports – we’re an entertainment site so be entertaining. If you have an idea you’d like to float by us, float float, float on.

What’s in it for RenegadeRadio.Net?

To be honest, exposure for us all. We get to discover your music, your own “adventures”, provide a collection of talent you can work with as well and we can help you grow while you help us. That simple. We’d love to add your show to our line up and are open to talking to vets and new people to this. Requirements from you are a passion to do this and some sort of on air talent, or writing ability.

If you have a site, link us to it so we can check it out. We are *NOT* out to take over anything but work with you and build a “Renegade Ring” so to speak of other sites, be they radio stations, blogging or just entertainment. We need to help each other so we can all be the “core” of the content out there and all benefit.

We’re wide open for ideas and again, not out to take over what you’re doing but find a mutual arrangement that pushes us all forward. We’ve got 15+ years of experience on the wire, so let’s work together and kick this bitch into another level.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you allow Downloads?
A: No. Downloading requires its own license and it about the same as selling music these days. Trouble is, no one buys it, when it does sell you lose money, and the laws are still more jacked up than TSA screening times at Thanksgiving.  We can allow for playback, but not downloading. If your content is 100% your own then yes, possible. Just no fun to legalize so we avoid it for now.

Q: Do you want any money for your services?
A: No. Again we are not a service or hosting company. We’re a group of people who love music and like all, are just trying to get through these times promoting a passion we can’t fully explain. Just spend a lot of money on. If you have enough followers to where we’d be legally required to pay money, then yes – we’ll need to talk but unless you have hundreds of listeners per show, likely not an issue.

Q: Are you profitable?
A: Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.  Ha.  No. Again we volunteer for this and consider this a hobby we’d love to see pay off one day so we keep at it like it will. While we don’t want your money, we don’t pay for shows either.

Q: Are you legal?
A: Yes. We pay BMI yearly and will require a playlist from all radio shows so we can report accordingly per the agreement.

Q: What if my show has sponsorship? Will Renegade want a piece of that?
A: We can talk. Short answer is not likely but we will ask if you’re getting those #’s again to cover expenses of your show – not the site. We’d look at the traffic and exposure you bring to us as our “payment”. If this is a concern it can all be worked out ahead of time so don’t let it stop you from asking.

Q: When can we start?
A: If all goes well, first of August. Again, we've revamped our streaming server from the ground up so far this year and we're "in the cloud". We're hammering out the details of our scheduling and adding no one else until this is done, tested, and working well w/o issues for a few weeks. But talk NOW because we'll be getting time slots filled up as we get content coming at us.

Q: Do you have an android app?
A: Yes. It’s nothing spectacular but it works. It and our site player host (2) streams so we can do remote live broadcasts as well as our live shows and if dates “conflict” we have it covered. Always looking to improve.

Q: Do you have an apple app?
A: No. They want $120 a year just to have the right to put an app out there. Alternatives include tunein and other sites, as well as our own site is HTML5 compliant and works on Macs. If you are on a mac and our player doesn't work. talk to iceberg and he'll look into it.

Q: You said no syndication. Why?
A: If you read that part – should be clear. Without being rude and just stating facts as we see them – we’re looking to group up efforts and getting 1/10th of someone’s time and energy just isn’t worth us losing a timeslot over. Syndication was needed long ago when being heard around the world required it, today it just requires html5 and a source. We have no interest in supporting a syndicated show unless a national topic and audience. Yes we have a few and they’re fine – we’re just not adding more.

Q: Do you allow video?
A: Sure. You tube it. We’re open to other new and improved technologies that will allow you to stream a video show *or* audio only. You’ll need the software but we can work to build the interface and allow it to be seen from our site, and applications. You don’t see it much cause other than Eammonn and BadSeedRadio no one else does it. Iceberg refuses because he said he’d have to start wearing clothes during his show and that just won’t do. It’s bad enough he had to stop doing outdoor live events, he said.

Q: Would you stream from a venue?
A: Damn skippy. If you have an open mic night or venue where you have the ability to stream it (you’ll need the encoder but we can help get you setup) we’ll have the ability to play it. To date this has not been revenue generating but that can change. If a regular time and date, we'll need to talk details but remember, we do have a 2nd stream and are open to helping and have built this house accordingly.

Q: Why work with Renegade vs doing our own station?
A: Go ahead, do it. There's 16,398,899.3 of them out there already and 16,393,911.8 get no traffic. Math may be off. Just ask yourself - are you wanting to be a radio station, or do you think you need to do one in order to stream your show?  Bottom end to run and keep it going legally is well over $100 a month so if you're that into it - good luck. But again, if you just want a home for your show - consider us.

Q: What type of format?
A: Up to you. But if you are pushing one strange format that gets no one to listen you won't last. Not just because of us, but because you'll get bored soon enough more or less broadcasting your own show for just you to listen to.

Q: Who can I contact with other questions?
A: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – there are basically (3) people running this (Iceberg, Sean and Jemini) and we take turns on different functions and all work on our own areas. We’ve brought some other talent in lately who’ve done a great job with social networking (Thanks, Danny! I’m serious – get me better at twitter results when we have time!) and so forth – so if you have a skillset that can help us all, speak up. We fully understand no one is going to win this “alone”.

That's it! Please FW around and get with other promotional groups and let's get a ring going. We need to help each other keep music alive these days so lets talk ideas and figure out what we can do together.

last night in my dreams
newsreel for may - jemini MIA

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